It's Your Choice!

"There is no government requirement for the way cable companies transmit their signals." - FCC

"The 2009 DTV transition required all full-power TV broadcast stations to switch from an analog to a digital format. Cable companies were not required to make this change." - FCC

"As a BTES customer, it's your choice to use a set top box." - Dr. Mike Browder, CEO, BTES

"There is no reason to have to worry about going digital or having to use a set top box with BTES' service."
- Mike Parker, Network Supervisor, BTES

Digital TV - It's Your Choice

The TRUTH about cable TV in Bristol, TN

As a BTES customer, there is no need to worry about losing your analog TV service in the near future. Dr. Mike Browder and Mike Parker discuss how BTES customers can still keep the analog channels they have always had, no set top box required.


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