Green Power Switch

Green Power Switch is a program developed by TVA and the environmental community. It offers customers a chance to support renewable energy sources, such as wind power, solar power and methane gas power.

Residential customers can purchase Green Power blocks of 150 kilowatt hours (about 12% of an average household monthly use) for an additional $4 per block per month. Customers may purchase as many blocks as they choose.

Commercial customers can also make the Green Power Switch. They purchase blocks based on the amount of power they use.

Green Power is a little more expensive than traditionally generated power because the technology to generate the power is more expensive. Increased demand and production will eventually lead to lower prices.

BTES is proud to be one of the participating utilities in this TVA program. Using renewable resources decreases pollution and waste.

Purchasing two blocks of Green Power is the equivalent of planting an acre of trees or recycling 1,776 pounds of newspaper or more than 15,000 aluminum cans.

To sign up to make the Green Power Switch, click here to e-mail us the number of 150 kWh blocks at $4 per month you would like to purchase.