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Simple Steps to Save Energy and Possibly Lower Your Electric Bill

Saving money is on everyone’s minds these days.  From skyrocketing fuel costs to a higher cost of living, people are doing everything they can to reduce money being spent.  In an effort to help our customers save money, BTES would like to offer some simple tips to help you save energy and possibly lower your electric bill this winter.

  • Caulk and weatherstrip around windows and doors to stop air leaks
  • Seal gaps in floors and walls around pipes and electrical wiring
  • Inspect your ductwork and repair any leaks.
  • Add insulation to your attic, crawl space and any accessible exterior walls
  • Close fireplace damper when not in use
  • Keep all windows and doors located near your thermostat closed tightly
  • Keep curtains open on the south side of the house and closed on the north side during the day to help keep warm
  • Use area rugs if you have hardwood or tile floors to keep your feet warm
  • Keep your outside air unit clean and clear of debris or weeds
  • Change air filters monthly
  • Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents – they use 75% less energy and last 10 times longer
  • Look for the ENERGY STAR® label when replacing large or small appliances
  • Use power strips for home electronics and turn off power strips when equipment is not in use
  • Turn off lights, televisions and other appliances when not in use
  • Replace worn-out seals on your refrigerator and freezer
  • Clean refrigerator coils regularly to keep compressor running efficiently
  • Set the refrigerator temperature at 36° to 39° F and freezer at 0° to 5° F
  • Match the size of your pot or pan to the size of the burner 
  • Air-dry dishes instead of using the dishwasher’s heat drying option 
  • Run your dishwasher and clothes washer only when full
  • Reduce hot water use by taking shorter showers and using cold water for the rinse cycle in your washer
  • Dry one load of clothes immediately after another to minimize heat loss
  • Make sure your dryer’s outside vent is clear and clean the lint filter after every load


In-Home Energy Evaluation Program

BTES and TVA are making it easier than ever to become energy efficient while also saving money. With the In-Home Energy Evaluation Program, you can reduce your power usage and receive a cash rebate and financing assistance (if applicable) for installing home energy improvements. The recommended improvements you make are elgible for a rebate of 50 percent of the installation cost, with an upper limit of $500 and convenient financing.


Call BTES at 423-793-5513 to schedule an in-home energy evaluation by a TVA-certified evaluator. There is a $150 in-home evaluation fee. If the homeowner makes recommended eligible improvements costing $150 or more this fee will be reimbursed in addition to the rebate and financing (if applicable).

After your home is evaluated, a report is created outlining the potential energy-efficiency improvements and available cash rebates and financing (if applicable).

Improvements must be made by a member of the TVA Quality Contractor Network, except for self-installed measures, as allowed by BTES. The evaluator will provide the names of qualified contractors.

All home improvements must be completed within 90 days.

After the work is complete, you submit receipts for the completed work to be eligible for the cash rebate. For financing, your contractor will be paid directly upon successful completion of the inspection.

Once the work is finished, it will be inspected to ensure that everything is installed properly to maximize savings.

Click here for a list of rebates, financing and eligible improvements.