New Construction

new-construction-rules-btn.gifBuilding energy efficient measures into your new home reduces energy costs and has an added bonus for BTES customers – cash back!

Our New Construction Program is based on the Home Energy Rating System (HERS), a points rating system. We give homeowners per-square-foot financial incentives for reaching a minimum number of points. The more energy efficient your home is, the more money we return to you.

The basics of an Energy Right Home include:

  • Energy Efficient Heat Pump   
  • BTES Electric Water Heater 
  • Electric Range   
  • Electric Clothes Dryer   
  • Energy Efficient Windows

Additional points are earned based on attic, floor and wall insulation, insulated doors, double-pane windows, percentage of glass in the home and the efficiency rating of the heat pump.

Single-family homes receive 10 cents a square foot for reaching 80-82 points and 12.5 cents per square foot for 83 or more points.

Multi-family units that reach 83 or more points receive 5 cents per square foot. Contact our energy advisor at 423-793-5547 or click here to send us an e-mail before you build and find out how much money you can earn by building energy right.

Other things to know about service for a new home

Wiring in new construction must meet all codes, and meter locations must be approved by a representative of BTES.

Prior to installation of electric services, a satisfactory inspection by a representative of the Division of Fire Prevention, Department of Insurance, State of Tennessee must be performed. Applications for this inspection may be made at our offices. We can only accept inspection applications for addresses eligible for BTES electric service.

Customers desiring underground service lines will pay the additional costs for installation. BTES will furnish specifications and terms for such construction on request.