Gigabit Community provided by BTES!


Internet Services

Are you tired of sitting on the entrance ramp to the Information Superhighway?

Sign up for our Broadband Internet service, and you’ll be in the passing lane. We offer blazing fast speeds providing some of the fastest Internet speeds available in the United States with speeds of ten Gigabits per second!

Our reliable Fiber-To-The-User connection takes you from horse and buggy days and puts you behind the wheel of a Ferrari. Your service won’t get bogged down because you’re not sharing equipment with a pool of other users. Our Ethernet plugs directly into your computer and you’re off and running!

Our FTTU system runs state-of-the-art fiber optics to your house. Other fiber optic systems stop at the road. DSL systems may not reach your home because of the distance you are from a substation. That doesn’t apply to our system. There simply is no better system available to you. If you have questions, please call us at 423-968-1526 or e-mail us.

Residential Internet Rates

BTES offers the following speeds:

  • 2Mb/512k - $16.95
  • 10Mb/2Mb - $39.95
  • 30Mb/5Mb - $49.95
  • 60Mb/15Mb - $59.95
  • 80Mb/20Mb - $69.95
  • 1G/1G - $299.95
  • 10 Gigabits - contact us for pricing!

    All include 4 secure e-mail accounts and 5 Mbs of disk space.

$44.95 monthly minimum purchase required.