TV Caller ID for Scientific Atlanta Set Top Boxes

TV Caller ID service shows who is calling on your BTES Cable TV screen. You must have a BTES cable set top box and BTES phone service for this to work. It will not work with any other phone services or cable services.

The TV Caller ID service is FREE if you have the BTES Essentials package with Digital Cable or if you have the BTES IPTV Essentials Plus package. If you do not have one of these packages, the service can be added for $3.95 per month.

UPDATE: BTES recently updated the software on all of the set top boxes. In some cases, you may need to reboot your set top box to restart the TV Caller ID software. If you see the message "The service is not available. Please try again later." you will need to unplug the power to the set top box, wait 5 seconds, then plug it back in. If you have a Scientific Atlanta box, once you see the time on the front of the box, you can turn it on and go to channel 990 to check the status of your caller ID service.

TV Caller ID Instructions

Tune your set top box to channel 990. You should see the screen below.

If you do not see this screen, the screen may show "Accessing i5app.ptv. Please wait." Once the program is installed the screen will go blank. Tune to another channel then tune back to channel 990. You should see the main screen now (as seen below).

Below is an example of the Caller ID screen. (The TV program you are watching is not interrupted when the Caller ID information is shown)


Below are the screens available on channel 990.

Any time you wish to change settings or view past calls, tune to channel 990.

Main screen

You can turn the feature on and off from this screen.

Use the up/down/left/right buttons on your BTES set top box remote to move the selection. Use the Select button to make the selection. The A, B and C buttons (yellow, blue and red) are also used in this service.


Incoming calls (Missed Calls)

From this screen you will be able to see your missed calls.



From this screen you will have the option to go to "Caller ID Settings" or "Map Services."



Caller ID Settings

Within the Caller ID Settings option, you can turn the Caller ID on or off and change the display duration of the Caller ID message when it pops up.


Set Caller ID Display Duration

From this screen you can choose how many seconds you would like the pop up message to stay on your television screen.


Map Services Option

This is used when you have more than 1 phone number. It enables you to turn Caller ID on and off per phone number.


Configuration for All phone numbers

This allows you to turn Caller ID on or off for all numbers.


Configuration Per phone number

This allows you to turn Caller ID on or off per phone number. (You must have more than one phone number for this to be applicable.)


Caller ID Suspend

Press the B button on your remote to suspend Caller ID pop-ups on your screen. You can re-enable it from the main menu on channel 990 by selecting CALLER ID ON.




After the software loads, it may take a couple of minutes for the service to work. If it does not work, disconnect the power to the set top box, wait a few seconds then reconnect the power to the box. Once the box completely loads, turn it on. Tune to channel 990 again. If it still does not work, please call the BTES helpdesk at 423-793-5555.