Using our Mobile App

Read below to learn more about our Mobile App and our Mobile Web App for smart phones and smart devices.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between the Mobile App and the Mobile Web App?
What is my account number?
Is my phone supported?
Is the Mobile App secure?
What features does the Mobile App have?
How do I get the Mobile App for my phone?
Do I have to buy the Mobile App?
I have five accounts. Can I see them all in the Mobile App and the Mobile Web App?
Can I make a payment on multiple accounts?
How current is the account information I see in the Mobile App?
How do I view my bill through the Mobile App?
How do I sign up for push notifications? What if I want to receive push notifications for multiple accounts?
How do I find your office and payment locations? Do I have to log in first?


View Account Information

Select the Account Info icon to view a list of all of your accounts complete with due dates and balances. Select a specific account from the account list to make a single payment or to sign up for push notifications for that account.


Make a Payment

Once you've logged in and selected an account, select the Payment icon to initiate a payment for a single account or for multiple accounts, if applicable.


Manage Alerts

The Alerts option allows you to manage the Alerts and Reminders you want to receive on your mobile device. Alerts and Reminders can be configured for each individual account on each individual mobile device.


View Your Bill History

Get a concise summary of each of your bills and link to PDFs of your available bills. If the PDFs of your bill is not available, you'll see a nice message letting you know to check back later.


View Payment History

The Payment History icon connects you to a list of your past payments by month, including the date and amount of each payment.


Find our Office

From the login screen, you have the ability to view our office and payment locations along with our phone number, address and hours of operation.


General Information

Without logging in you can get one-touch access to general information.

Still have questions?

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