Telephone and Features Information Guide

Basic Telephone Service Features

The Basic Telephone Service Package is included with the Essentials + Package ($109.75)

  • Caller ID w/ Name and Number
  • Call Waiting/Cancel Call waiting
  • Unconditional Call  Forwarding
  • Remote Access to Call Forwarding
  • Three-Way Calling
  • Speed Calling (One Digit)
  • Caller ID for Call Waiting

Enhanced Telephone Service Features

  • Basic Telephone Service Features (listed above)
  • Voicemail
  • *67 Caller ID Blocking
  • *66 Repeat Dialing
  • *69 Call Return
  • Anonymous Call Rejection
  • Per Line Blocking
  • Selective Call Rejection

Additional Basic Features

Each additional Basic Feature is $4.00 each or $1.00 if added to Enhanced Telephone Service

  • Call Forwarding- Busy
  • Selective Call Forwarding
  • Call Forwarding- No Answer
  • Find-Me-Follow-Me
  • SimRing
  • Call Trace
  • Anonymous Call Monitor
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Selective Call Acceptance
  • Priority Call
  • Reminder Call
  • Call Transfer

Additional Premium Features

Each additional Premium Feature is $5.00 each or $2.00 if added to Enhanced Telephone Service

  • One line/Different rings/Different numbers
  • Voicemail (Included with Enhanced Telephone Service)

How to Use your Telephone Features

Anonymous Call Rejection

  • Dial *77 to reject anonymous calls
  • Dial *87 to accept anonymous calls
  • Anonymous call rejection only blocks calls that have no number present. If the number is present and the name is not it will not block the call.

Call Waiting/Cancel Call Waiting

  • Dial *70 to Cancel Call Waiting for the next call

Remote Access to Call Forwarding

  • Access via phone dial:  (423) 573-0195
  • You must set your pin code before you can access remote call forwarding.

Security Settings

  • Dial *319 to change your pin code
  • The default pin code is 0000.

Speed Calling (One Digit)

  • Dial *74

Three-Way Calling

  • During a normal phone conversation, hit the recall button or flash hook the phone and dial the third caller. Once they answer, flash hook the phone again and all 3 parties should be able to hear each other.

Unconditional Call Forwarding

  • Dial *72  wait for the tone and put in the phone number that you want all calls forwarded to
    • Make sure you dial the 10 digit number of the phone you want to forward to.
    • The phone you are forwarding to will ring and call forwarding will not be enabled until you either answer the phone you are forwarding to or hang up and dial *72 and then enter the 10 digit number again.
  • To stop forwarding all calls, dial *73


  • Dial *15 to access your voicemail from your home phone.
  • The initial PIN code is 000000 followed by the # key. You will be asked to set up a new PIN code the first time you log in.
  • If you have a voicemail, your phone will have a broken dial tone or your phone’s voicemail indication light will blink. Check the manual for your telephone to see if it supports a voicemail indication light.
  • You can access your voicemail remotely by dialing (423) 573-0191 or going to the web site
  • Your voice mail box will store around 150 one-minute long messages

*66 Repeat Calling

  • Dials *66 to redial the last number you called
  • Dial *86 to cancel all outstanding Repeat Calling attempts

*67 Caller ID Blocking

  • Dial *67 to block your number on the next call

*69 Call Return

  • Dial *69 to hear a voice announcement of the last number that called
  • Press 1 to return the call after hearing the announcement
  • Dial *89 to cancel all outstanding Call Return attempts
  • Dial *320 (Last Caller ID Erase) to remove the records of recent calls

Call Forwarding

  • Unconditional Call Forwarding:   all calls are forwarded to the specified number.
  • Busy Call Forwarding: calls are forwarded only if they are busy to the specified number.
  • Delayed Call Forwarding:  calls are forwarded after 30 seconds to the specified number
  • Selective Call Forwarding:  only calls from specified numbers are forwarded.
  • Find-Me-Follow-Me:  allows the phone to ring at your office, cell, home, etc in any order you would like or all at the same time.
  • Remote Access to Call Forwarding:  allows you to change your call forwarding any other phone line by dialing 573-0195

Caller ID

  • Caller ID name and number are options available.
  • *67 Caller ID Blocking can be set permanently or by dialing *67 on a per call basis.

Incoming Call Services

  • Selective Call Rejection: allows you to block certain numbers.
  • Anonymous Call Rejection:  blocks any call that has no caller ID.
  • Do Not Disturb:  blocks all calls from coming in and plays a message that the person you are calling is unavailable.
  • Selective Call Acceptance: allows only certain numbers that you approve of calling you.
  • Priority Calls: allows certain numbers to ring with a different ring.

Multi-Party Call Services

  • Three-Way Calling: allows three different phone numbers to talk on the phone at one time.
  • Call Transfer: allows you to transfer a call to any telephone number.
  • Call Waiting and Caller ID for Call Waiting:  IP phones will show a second call coming into the phone if you are currently using it. You can then put your current call on hold and switch to the new call.

Outgoing Call Services

  • Speed Calling (One Digit): allows a code be assigned to a common number dialed.
  • Call Barring: allows certain types of calls to be blocked from being made. They include:  international calls, national calls (long-distance, interLATA and intraLATA), local calls, operator calls, directory calls, enhanced rate calls, calls to any call service access codes but certain types of call are never barred. These are toll-free calls, calls to service access codes, and emergency calls


  • Voicemail can be checked by dialing *15 from your phone, or by dialing (423) 573-0191 from anywhere in the world. If you have a voicemail, your phone will have a broken dial tone or your phone’s voicemail indication light will blink. Check the manual for your telephone to see if it supports a voicemail indication light. Up to six lines can have the same voicemail box allowing all messages to go to one single box. You can also check your voicemail on the internet by going to