ONT and Wiring Information

BTES uses a device called an ONT, or Optical Network Terminal. This is the box that is normally on the side of your home near our electric meter. Our fiber optic cable connects to this box, and the box provides the connections for your Internet and/or cable TV wiring.

The ONT has a customer access door which is opened by using a Phillips head screwdriver.

The coaxial cable for your TV signal connects on the right, shown below as a black cable. The Internet connection connects to the top port, shown below as a blue cable. The cables in your home may be different colors.


There are 5 lights on the ONT

  • EQPT - Should be green.
  • Link 1 - Should be green if there is a cable connected to the port next to it.
  • PON - Should be green
  • Link 2 - Should be off.
  • Video - Should be off.

If you are experiencing problems with your Internet connection, you can first verify that the LINK 1 light is on. If it is off, there is a physical problem with the cable. You can try unplugging it and re-plugging it, both at the ONT and at your PC or router.

If any of these lights are different from the above description and you are having problems with your service, please call 793-5555 to speak with our helpdesk.

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