Erin Downs
Board of Directors, Chair

email: erindowns@btes.net

Doug Harmon
Board of Directors, Secretary

email: dougharmon@btes.net

Vince Turner
Board of Directors

email: vinceturner@btes.net

John Vann
Board of Directors

email: johnvann@btes.net

BTES CEO Clayton Dowell

Clayton Dowell
Chief Executive Officer

email: cdowell@btes.net

BTES Vice President of Operations & Safety Steve Craddock

Steven Craddock
Vice President of Operations & Safety

email: scraddock@btes.net

Tara Ellis
Vice President of People Operations

email: tellis@btes.net

David Hacker
Vice President of Engineering

email: dhacker@btes.net

BTES Vice President of Finance Lola McVey

Lola McVey
Vice President of Finance

email: lmcvey@btes.net

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