Automatic Bank Draft Program

Our Automatic Bank Draft program is the most convenient and least expensive way to pay your bill. Automatic Bank Draft is a free program that relieves you from the worry of writing a check, possible mailing delays and postage costs. You will also avoid any risk of paying late fees! The draft is processed the day before your due date.

By signing up, you authorize us to draft your account each month for the total amount of your BTES bill. This authority will remain in effect until the selected account(s) has been removed from draft. In the event that a payment returns, a service charge may be applied.

Sign up for and manage your bank draft on BTES' Customer Portal Website or fill out the form below.

The undersigned customer of BTES hereby authorizes BTES to initiate debit entries and, if necessary to initiate credit from the checking account designated below for the purpose of paying monthly BTES bills.

Please type the letters and numbers shown in the image.
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Please allow BTES at least three days to process your bank draft application. If your current bill is due within the next three days, please make arrangements to pay that bill using another method.

If you prefer to fill out the Bank Draft Form and return it to BTES via fax at 423-793-5520 or e-mail at, fill out this form. You may also return it with your next payment.