Residential Service Application

Two forms of identification, proof of occupancy/proof of ownership, deposit (if applicable) and service connection fee required. Once submitted to BTES, a representative will contact you to finalize your new service application.

Please enter all required information. If you are prompted to resubmit this form due to empty or incorrect fields, please make sure you reattach your documents.


Through Levelized Monthly Billing you pay approximately the same amount each month, but over the year you pay for what you actually use. The LMB amount is an average of the past 12 month's usage.
Our Automatic Bank Draft Program is the most convenient way to pay your bill – plus you save postage and/or gasoline charges and avoid any possible late fees. You will still receive a copy of your bill each month. The draft is typically processed the day before the past due date.
Through bill alerts, you will still receive your monthly bill but will also receive monthly reminders notifying you of your bill amount and due date, when your payment has been received, and if your due date passes without BTES receiving your payment. You can receive these alerts via text message, e-mail or both! Standard text messaging fees apply.

Please attach 2 forms of identification (one being a photo id). You may fax this information, if needed, to 423-793-5520 or email it to

BTES will use the Online Utility Exchange application on new accounts to validate identification and determine requirements as mandated by the RED FLAGS RULE of the FACT Act (Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act). Our deposits are two times the highest bill the location to where you are applying for service. Deposits may be waived dependent upon the results of a credit check from Experian, our authorized credit reporting agency, upon our review of payment history on existing BTES accounts, or using a Guarantor who must have a home location with BTES with perfect pay history for the past twelve months. In the event a credit report is performed, BTES does not see a credit score. If given a "green light" rating, the deposit can be waived. If given a "red light" rating, the deposit will be required. Deposit requirements must be met before an application will be processed. Deposits are refunded after twelve months of perfect pay or until the customer no longer has an account with BTES at which time the last bill will be deducted. Any remaining balance will be billed/refunded to the customer.

I am requesting electric service at the above address and as a condition of BTES providing the service I understand the following: it shall be unlawful for me (1) to obtain or attempt to obtain by us of any fraudulent methods electric service with intent to avoid payment for the same; (2) to cause another to avoid such payment; or (3) assist another in avoiding such payment through the making of multiple applications for service at one address, or otherwise. I understand that any misrepresentation or omission in this application may result in termination of service. Based upon BTES extending credit to me by billing for my electricity usage after I have already consumed it, I understand BTES may request a credit report from the local or national Credit Bureau. I understand that if necessary to file suit to enforce this agreement, such action shall be instituted in Sullivan County, Tennessee, and that BTES' costs and reasonable attorney's fees shall be paid by me. I understand that all the answers above are true and complete and are submitted for the purpose of obtaining electric service from BTES. I will be responsible for all charges for such electrical service until BTES is notified in writing to the contrary and service is disconnected. I understand that such service shall be furnished, subject to the Rules and Regulations of BTES, as amended from time to time, copies of which are available to me at all time during business hours at the BTES office, 2470 Volunteer Parkway, Bristol, Tennessee.